Don’t just take our word for it. Watch the videos below to find out how Sarah has helped to place the right person into the right role.

Sarah McKenna Testimonial

Candidate - Kirsty

“I feel that Sarah and I are quite aligned in how we like to work. In terms of the values I see in Sarah, it’s honesty, the love for integrity and a really high standard of communication.

That meant that the service that Sarah was providing was really helpful to me because, A, she was honest, gave really candid feedback but in a really constructive way.

And then after every communication with her client and my perspective employer. There was follow up feedback communications within sometimes hours.”

Client - Chris

“We are a VC funded startup based in Newcastle. We’re a growing company and currently have around 75 FTEs. What we do is we bundle utilities into one fixed monthly payment.

When we recruited our most recent people manager Sarah pushed me to be looking a little bit broader both in terms of experience, salary balance and the rest.

The approach that Sarah took was definitely one where she challenged our way of thinking and that enabled us to consider different types of candidates which ultimately led to us having a really successful placement that perhaps we wouldn’t necessarily have found had we just gone off our own brief. “

Candidate - Lori

“It felt like something more bespoke. It was Sarah I was actually speaking to rather than some kind of recruitment agency that didn’t feel very personal.

I was finding it hard to make that transition into HR and didn’t at that point think I would do that. And trying to get any face time with the CV I had with other recruitment agencies was really difficult but I felt like I had a lot to give and I had a really great career and history in retail and had so many transferable skills.

So I really liked the fact that because Sarah is one person, she read the CV. It got to her directly because of the way she that her business is set up.”

Client - Laura

“I cannot speak highly enough about Sarah McKenna. She is an absolute dream to work with. She’s utterly professional, dedicated and an expert in her field.

It’s so easy to work with Sarah, she’s almost like an extension of your team. She has your goals in mind, she really knows who you’re looking for, why you’re looking for them and she’s so well networked she can actually find them! So it just makes a win win situation.

She’s just a joy to work with and makes it a really pleasurable experience. I’ve never known anyone as resilient, as tenacious and who has really has a special way with candidates and clients alike.

I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough.”

Candidate - Emma

“Initially it was just an introductory call, so she gave me a ring. We just had a chat through my CV, my background and we both decided it was a role I should pursue.

The next step was then to have a more detailed conversation around what the role was, what the challenges were and was it definitely something that I could see myself doing? And then we got into the application process.

My first interview went really well. Sarah would give me a call in the lead up to the talk and just make sure that I was okay. Did I have any questions? The second interview I had to go and present. I got the offer afterwards from Sarah and so I was really excited.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more really in terms of that kind of communication from Sarah. Even after the recruitment finished, she said “do you want to get together and have a cuppa?” a let’s reflect on the journey kind of thing. A bunch of flowers arrived on my doorstep with “good luck for your first week, I’m rooting for you.

She was supporting me. She was more like a friend at that point. She really invested in me as a person. Sometimes I think recruiters can be quite cold. Sarah wasn’t right from the outset. She was very warm, very approachable.”