4th April 2023

9 Onboarding Best Practices To Maximise Success

Nine onboarding best practices to maximise success in your workplace. Onboarding is the process of integrating new talent into an organisation. Smooth and seamless onboarding is a foolproof way of increasing retention rates and job satisfaction within the workplace. Companies aspiring to attract new hires and hold onto them shouldn’t underestimate the power of a stellar onboarding. It’s no secret
28th February 2023

Menopause at Work: A Guide for HR

A Guide to Handling Menopause at Work Do you know someone silently struggling with menopause at work? Perhaps it’s your mother, a close friend, an aunty, or even yourself. The reality is that ‘around 4.4 million women aged 50-64’ are going through the menopause transition and simultaneously trying to juggle their career. What’s startling about this statistic is that while
22nd December 2022

How to Maintain a Successful Hybrid Working Approach

In this feature Sarah McKenna HR Recruitment looks at how to maintain a successful hybrid working approach and what makes it such a popular choice in 2022 and beyond… In 2020 Covid-19 thrust the world into chaos, bringing about unprecedented challenges for people and society. Businesses were especially hit hard by the pandemic, from supply chain issues, colossal financial worries,
17th November 2022

How To Maximise The Apprenticeship Opportunity Event

Earlier this month Sarah McKenna HR Recruitment and Michaela Reaney, of The Opportunity Group, welcomed HR professionals from across the region to participate in an event titled – How To Maximise The Apprenticeship Opportunity. Headquartered in the north east, The Opportunity Group is an apprenticeship provider run by Michaela and co-founder Kate Temple-Brown. Having found themselves frustrated at the lack
7th November 2022

How To Attract The Best Talent NOT on the Market

Are you struggling to attract top talent to your company? Maybe you feel like the best candidates are comfortable in their job or have already landed their dream role? Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is true. According to Linked In ‘80% of professionals are open to hearing from recruiters, even when not actively looking for a new role’
9th September 2022

5 Ultimate Job Searching Tips

As a specialist HR recruiter, I know that it’s people like YOU that make businesses work. This is why I created these 5 Ultimate Job Searching Tips to help you find the valuable, inspiring, fulfilling role you deserve. Packed with honest advice and encouragement, this blog will help to simplify the job hunting process so that you can shine in
7th September 2020

HR Tips: How to Provide the Best Support for Working Parents

I’m feeling enlightened after my latest event with Helen and Lindsay from Parent Scheme last week. We chatted about how Managers and HR teams can support parents in their return to work as schools reopen for the first time since the start of lockdown way back in March!  Parent Scheme supports working parents, so as you can imagine, the business