Are you your own worst critic? Do you struggle to believe in yourself and your professional abilities? You’re not alone.

We’re all guilty of letting false doubts set in from time to time but you can’t allow these doubts to get the better of you. Often, the biggest barrier to claiming awesome opportunities is a lack of confidence, and this is something Sarah McKenna HR is keen to change.

As a specialist HR recruiter, Sarah can assist you with your job search and help you uncover the value in you. Sarah will provide you with honest advice, encouragement, and all the tools you require to shine in an HR career.


(as explained by Sarah)

I work closely with my candidates to identify what makes you excited to come to work, and what kind of roles will best align with your values.

HR assistant or Head of HR, newly graduated or HR director, I’m here to help you.

Career Coaching – CV Writing Tips – Interview Prep – Job Matches (DOES THIS STAY 1ST PERSON? – I think this copy is nice to keep – added a few changes – but do we need to alter it to fit with third person theme elsewhere)

I find you the right match that will help you to build a career that represents YOU and helps you to pursue YOUR goals. And I don’t just match and run. I stick around to witness the smooth transition on both sides and to see you flourish within your new role.

Backed by my love for people, and years of experience within the industry, this seamless and thorough process is what keeps my clients and candidates coming back to me again and again.


As a qualified i3 assessor Sarah will uncover what makes you YOU.

Sarah can help you unlock your potential to give you the confidence to go for you ideal role and show potential employers your true value. Interested to find out more about yourself?